Thursday, December 7, 2006

Shooting is over - FİLM ÇEKİMİ BİTTİ

Shooting is over. We are currently working on the editing and post-production as well as organizing a country-wide, prime time release of our documentary ellaborating on the need to implement a properly managed campaign of sterilization of both stray and owned animals in this country.

Behind the Scenes

Film çekimi bitti. Montaj ve çekim sonrası stüdyo çalışmaları da bittikten sonra bu ülkedeki sahipli ve sahipsiz hayvanların, Hayvan Hakları Yasasına uygun bir proje ile kısırlaştırılması konusundaki bu belgesel filmin, ülke çapında ve “prime time”da yayınlanması için temaslara başlayacağız.

Bizi izlemeye devam edin.


CBB said...

Great job!

Don't stop, continue bringing up this to our attention.

I see very few comments from Turkey. Why is that? You need to motivate people, find a way to make them care.

S said...

the kids of Gulsuyu got so empowered by the attention they got. It made them feel like moviestars for a day. You did not only touch the stray dogs, but also the hearts of the kids of Gulsuyu who thought they were as abandoned as the stray dogs. It gave them so much courage that they want to continue being an example for other kids and grown ups and try to convince the other kids they can be an example too... We are going to make a site about the kids and the dogs of Gulsuyu!!! and I will let you know when it is ready.

And we can't wait to see the finished product, the popcorn and cola are ready..........

Linda said...

finally a film on the straydogproblem. When finished i will do my utmost to spread it as widely as possible. EDUCATION in the key to the solution of problems