Wednesday, February 14, 2007


This one doesn't need much

Here you have it Arif. You and
AIG did this to him, sterilized him and abandoned him in the forest half dead. We found him and saved his life.

The slideshow is called Cowardice.

Wonder why?


Bertrand Lesure said...

That is indeed the work of a coward!

charlottemary said...

staple a microchip to the ear of this veterinarian and send him into the forests near Istanbul. Dirty rotten coward who kills and tortures. For shame. Kudos to all who expose him.

Angela Lynn said...

Sick Bastard! How could a person be so cruel!! The coward deserves worse than what happened/would have happened to that poor dog!

Anonymous said...

To the ones that safed the dog and the ones that shelter the dog; thank you for being there.

To Arif Eker i will thank God the day you leave.

Linda Taal
Stichting ActieZwerfhonden

feyza said...
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