Monday, January 8, 2007


The images you are about to watch were shot in Erzurum Ilica District. Ismail Efe, who is the Mayor of Ilıca, started a campaign he named “Bring a Dog and Get 5 ytl”to promote children for collecting stray dogs.

He is proud to say that this way children have collected 225 dogs in one month. The dogs which were collected by children were later dumped out of the city and the major says that “This way Ilica is slowly getting rid of stray dogsThis method of promoting the collection of stray dogs by children is first of all an example of irresponsibility since it is putting children under risk and also making them collaborate a cruel act. On the other hand, it is an open violation of Animal Protection Law. Unfortunately, as long as the executions of this primitive mentality continues, Turkey will never have the civilized image that it deserves.

We condemn these uncivilized, illegal and shameful acts of Mayors who are elected in their position by the people to do public service and are legally responsible for their actions.

Aşağida izleyeceğiniz görüntüler Erzurum Ilıca Beldesinde kaydedilmiştir. Ilıca Belediye Başkanı AKP’li Ismail Efe, halkın sokak köpeklerinden şikayeti karşısında başlattığı “Getir Köpeği Al 5 YTL’yi” adlı kampanya ile, bir ayda 225 köpeğin toplandığını gururla söylemektedir. Köpekler toplandıktan sonra şehir dışına atılmakta ve belediye başkanı bunu “Ilıca böylece köpeklerden kurtuluyor” diyerek gururla savunmaktadır.

Sokak köpeklerinin cocuklar tarafından toplanmasının para ödülü ile teşvik edilmesi her şeyden önce çocukları tehlikeye atan ve yapılan gaddarlığa ortak eden bir sorumsuzluk örneğidir. Diğer yandan, bu icraatla Hayvan Hakları Yasası hiçe sayılarak hayvanlara eziyet edilmektedir. Bu tür çağdışı zihniyetin icraatı sürdükçe Türkiye ne yazık ki hiçbir zaman layik olduğu medeni imaja kavuşamayacaktır.

Halka hizmet etmek için seçimle işbaşına gelen ve halka hesap vermekle yükümlü olan belediye başkanlarını bu tür çağdışı, utanç verici ve kanunsuz icraatlarından dolayı kınıyoruz.


Alejandra said...

From Mallorca, Spain, I am really astonished to see these images. Kids are the future and this is not the way to bring them up. Don't know what else to say, kids must be taught to look after animals not to go after them to catch them and give them who knows what kind of future.

Noemí said...

I am absolutely horrified... This is unbelievable for a country wishing to enter the EU.

Thanks for showing this to all of us.
Noemí (Spain)

Berlinbound said...

This is pornography - of the worst kind - the exploitation of the children and the animals - all of it is shameful. You are doing good work by exposing this terror!

Anonymous said...

if this is how children are educated.....i fear the future

Linda Taal
The Netherlands

Anonymous said...

And they call themselves humans.....INCREDIBLE and REPULSIVE!!! No words can describe the stupidity of this mayor and his irresponsible behaviour towards the community and life.
I feel so sorry for the dogs, and I'm worried for the future of these children. We can't blame them for their ignorance but I truely hope that good education and examples will become part of their growing up.

Cathelijne Konijnenbelt
The Netherlands

Anonymous said...

With horror I saw pictures of what happened in Erzurum after the
appeal mayor Ismael Efe made. Kids are encouraged to catch stray dogs
and that would mean a solution to 'the problem'? He is happy that 225
dogs were capured in a month's time?
He should be ashamed, and probably, so should you.

Catching stray dogs and killing them is not only in no way a solution,
it is a crime as well!
Have you leant nothing?
Do you not know that other strays will come to take their place?
So what are you going to do, keep handing out money to kids? Teach
them that the life of a dog means nothing? Only an easy way to get
some cash?

I call on you to put a stop to this and choose a way in which people
and animals can live in peace together. Neuter and release, and do not
forget to feed the dogs while they're locked up.

Astrid The Netherlands

Anonymous said...

I was shocked, appalled and horrified to see the pictures of what happened in Erzurum after the appeal made by mayor Ismael Efe. Children!!!! are encouraged to catch stray dogs! I’m sure you know that catching them and taking them off the streets will never solve the stray problem. The minute some space is created within the roaming packs, there will be new and bigger litters to fill the empty places. The key and only effective action is to implement a Neuter and Release programme, where dogs are neutered and put back onto the streets. It takes a while but only then will the dog population decrease.

That aside, what you are doing is a violation of international Animal Protection Laws. These pictures are even now being broadcast all over the world on television and the internet. The result will be a Turkey in disgrace unless steps are taken.

I urgently call upon you to put an immediate stop to these outrageous, immoral and unlawful practices!! Show the world that you’re worthy of being called fellow human beings.

Lidy The Netherlands

bunnysandra said...

Die Türkei möchte Mitglied der EU werden ?? - und erzieht ihre Kinder zu solch grausamem Umgang mit den unschuldigsten aller Lebewesen. Nein,niemals ein Land, dass in Sachen Tierschutz im Mittelalter lebt, hat in unserer EU nichts verloren.
Nur wer fortschrittliche, das Leben achtende Ideen in Sachen Tierschutz verfolgt, kann auch sich selbst als fortschrittliches Land bezeichnen.
Es ist eine riesige Schande, Kinder mit Taschengeld-Versprechungen dazu zu locken, kleine hilflose Lebewesen zu quälen und zu als Ware missachten.
Im Übrigen ein klarer Verstoss gegen die Aussagen des Koran, jedes (auch tierisches) Leben zu bewahren und zu achten.
Sandra Kögler, Deutschland

Anonymous said...

I felt so incredibly sad after I saw this on the news and now in your blog. Like you I am trying to educate the people around me, taking away their fear of the dogs, showing them what a good companion a streetdog can be. And then this........ I am taking care of only 3 streetdogs, there are days when I am so happy seeing how the kids went from hitting dogs and throwing stones to playing with them and loving them. But when I see such terrible things happen a few hours away from here ..... I don' t have words for this, there are no words for such crimes.


banu pazarbaşı said...

o köpekleri,bir un çuvalı gibi fırlatan,kameralara yaptıkları işten gurur duyar bir eda ile poz veren bu insanlara lanet olsun.bu nasıl bir vicdandır,bu nasıl bir eğitimdir,bu nasıl bir anlayıştır?

Anonymous said...

some of you are asking what has happenned to the strays left in the woods? Now, let me tell you! When I last visited to feed some of these poor dogs only couple of days ago, many of them were missing! Of course there is a possibility that they might refuse the food supplied and wonder into the the woods which I think is very unlikely specially when I was told that for the last couple of days there was a sight of a council's van that collects the strays....and let me tell you the very near senario, appearently there is a rabbies case in Demircikoy and this area is also in carantina now, as we sit and slowly watch somehow there is an increase in places with carantina. By new law this situation is justified for the mass murder of the strays in the woods....what a clever way of getting rid of them, isn't it? well they think so, we, animal lovers are getting more determined and organized than ever now!!!!